Topaz Café


A topaz-tinted beacon for suburbanites seeking approachable fine dining, this elegant spot offers a menu with something for everyone. Housemade gnocchi with a sauté of Italian sausage, peas, and mushrooms vies with grilled Spanish calamari with garbanzo beans and chorizo vinaigrette as enticing Med-accented appetizers. Juicy lamb chops in currant sauce with parsnip purée is a terrific entrée choice; snag the scrumptious chocolate lava cake to end. Good, fairly priced wine selection and a lovely patio enhance the meal. —Chicago Magazine
A real gem…once you set foot in the door it´s like being in another world…there is definitely a touch of luxe going on here. —Pat Bruno, Chicago Sun Times
Topaz has a great ‘happening’ vibe without inhibiting conversation.” —Zagat
Every suburb seems to have one of these: A gleaming new outdoor mall flanked by a Coldwater Creek and Bath & Body Works on each end. In the middle, a polished-to-a-sheen fine-dining restaurant categorized under "modern American": fried calamari and crabcakes and the words "remoulade" and "reduction" to gussy up a joint. Topaz Cafe at Burr Ridge Village Center is such a restaurant, and it's a fine representation of the genre, perhaps even one notch higher. Take the turkey burger: The Chef channels Mexican chorizo and seasons the patty with chipotle, ancho and guajillo chiles. He tops it with chipotle mayonnaise and a roasted corn and poblano salsa, and for a "healthy" burger that often risks lacking in the flavor department, this one's legitimately a bold offering. I'd take this over a beef burger. The other entree to consider is the Lake Superior whitefish, which takes a pan-seared filet and lays it over toasted Sardinian couscous, roasted mushrooms, grape tomatoes and a lemon butter sauce. Here's a dish in which every component exists for a reason, works in concert and is executed flawlessly. —The Chicago Tribune